Gear Commerce is the global leader in B2B eCommerce.

If your business needs the most powerful and flexible platform available for B2B eCommerce, look no further, Gear Commerce is your answer.

Features and functions built specifically for B2B

Our Gear Commerce product is built specifically for B2B, providing all the standard B2B features and functions out of the box.

A company and services team that knows your business

Gear Commerce knows B2B eCommerce. We provide the B2B product, expertise, and consulting services to create the best solution for your particular needs.

Uses the trusted Magento Enterprise eCommerce engine.

Magento eCommerce is a trusted and dominate eCommerce engine that helps to give Gear Commerce the underlying security and common technology standards required in today’s solutions.

A B2B Solution with B2C Style

Gear Commerce breaks down the barriers between B2B and B2C. Gear Commerce is the leader in merging the best of B2C into the B2B world. A B2C look and feel, mobile platforms, omni-channel, multiple brands/stores, promotions, social media, and many more are all out of the box features.

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In addition to all the standard eCommerce features, Gear Commerce brings the B2B features you need out of the box.


Organization and User registration approvals

User approval process flow

User and Organization hierarchy

Approved User(s) in Organization can add/update Organization’s Users

Credit application and approvals


Parametric Search

Product Configurator

Catalog filtering by customer

Order Workflow

Order approval process

Contract-based pricing

Contract based shipping provider and charge type

Contract based shipping and billing address

Credit limit and shipping rules by contract


Quick Order form

Requisition lists

Multiple active orders

Re-order from prior order

Scheduled orders

Expedite orders

Recurring Order – Subscription Based

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Order Status

Order Status includes EDI and all transactions from other sources

Check Out

Purchase order payment method

Credit line payment method


Full Content and Catalog Management System

All Standard B2C Features

Multiple Sites and Brands

Guaranteed Transaction Delivery

Putting the power of B2B eCommerce in your hands

Gear Commerce solves all of the eCommerce challenges facing mid-sized businesses, providing one integrated solution for every point in your sales continuum:

Sales to businesses

With Gear Commerce, your business customers get the professional purchasing experience that keeps your relationship strong. Gear Commerce integrates all of the sales processes you need for B2B success into one package with a sales and service portal geared toward workplace buyers.

Relationships with partners

When you work with distributors, national affiliates, subsidiaries, and others, Gear Commerce integrates all partners in a single platform for a completely fluid sales experience, with no gaps between your network and theirs.

Purchases from suppliers

Gear Commerce’s fully integrated eCommerce platform strengthens your connection with suppliers. This all-in-one eCommerce solution integrates your suppliers into your sales process so that you have the components, products, and information you need, when you need them.

Gear Commerce, the most powerful B2B eCommerce platform:

Total B2B sales integration
Complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration
Efficient, powerful payment gateways
Powered by Magento Enterprise
Easy, versatile tax calculation services
Flexible and rapid-to-deploy
Configuration or customization to meet your needs
Highest return on your eCommerce investment

B2B eCommerce for Every Industry

Gear Commerce provides the most powerful eCommerce platform available for companies across a comprehensive range of industries:

Retail / consumer goods
Consumer services
Leisure and hospitality
Education and health services
Information technology
Professional and business services
Trade, transportation, utilities