SOHO VR is the leading solution that quickly enables businesses to create fully functioning eCommerce stores for all leading Virtual Reality (“VR”) hardware.

SOHO VR creates a seamless and compelling vCommerce experience, and is built to easily allow any merchant to enter the vCommerce space, providing all the features and functions you need out of the box for your VR store.

SOHO VR Product

The one-stop solution for your VR Store!

  • Full VR and 3D experience throughout
  • The experience can be easily customized to your brand and customers
  • Unlimited number of categories and products
  • Enriched Product detail with 3D imagery
  • Customized sound and voice-over
  • Full Checkout process
  • Backend system integrations
  • Ability to work with multiple sites and brand
  • Trusted security and open technology standards
  • Utilize our Cloud Offering or install On-Premise

SOHO VR Marketplace

We will create and add your store to the SOHO Marketplace

  • Your store is featured as one of the selectable stores in the marketplace
  • SOHO Marketplace is a free download on all the leading VR app stores
  • All eCommerce functionality of our SOHO VR Product is included
  • This is a Cloud Offering only

VR Enabling

Add another layer onto your existing web-based store & bring it to the VR world

  • Users can simply go to your current website url in one of the supported VR-based browsers
  • This is a full VR and 3D experience.
  • WebVR is a new standard that is quickly gaining adoption to allow this functionality
  • Contact Gear Commerce to evaluate if this is an option for you.

VR Expert Services

We are experts in the V-Commerce and V-Branding space

  • 3D Imaging of your products
  • 3D imaging of your store space to utilize in the VR world
  • Custom virtual shopping experiences
  • Custom branding experiences
  • Assisting with VR go-to-markets and strategy
  • VR App development and listing
  • Providing the expert resources for any VR applications that you need to be designed and built

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